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RHP prospects Noah Syndergaard and Rafael Montero were both reassigned to minor league camp, the team announced.

They are likely to start the season in the starting rotation at Triple-A Las Vegas.

“It’s always disappointing when you get a taste of being in the big-league clubhouse, getting the treatment like a big leaguer gets, and then you’ve got to go back over to the minor-league side where things aren’t so glamorous. So that’s kind of disappointing," Syndergaard said (Rubin, March 18). "The message was we’ll see you pretty soon, basically. That’s always a good thing to hear,” he said (Ehalt, March 18).

I grew more and more impressed with Montero with each time I watched him pitch. I entered camp assuming his size and style would limit him to being a reliever, though I wanted to reserve judgement until seeing him against big-league hitters. I did and I'm happy he looked great. Obviously, he has a slippery fastball and terrific control, which help mitigate his height and arm angle. However, I was most impressed with how well he commands every inning he's on the mound.

He is young and with very little experience, he blazed through the farm system, and yet he approaches each pitch with a purpose and appears to have a really good sense of what needs to happen around him to get out of the inning with as little damage as possible. It can take a pitcher years of big-league time to learn that - and in some cases it may never happen at all. Montero seems to get it already, which puts me back into the camp of people wanting to see him continue as a starting pitcher.

I'm fine with the strategy of debuting him in the bullpen, if need be, because I trust this front office to manage that properly. But, in the long run, when all is said and done, I'm hoping he starts the baseball game and doesn't only get to finish it.

RHP Joel Carreno, RHP Cory Mazzoni, INF Brandon Allen and INF Matt Clark were also reassigned, while C Juan Centeno and RHP Ryan Reid were optioned to the minor league camp.

Update - 4:10 p.m.: The Mets reassigned RHP Miguel Socolovich to minor league camp after Tuesday's game.

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