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The Mets bullpen let up 12 runs in their first 12 innings this season. However, the same group has not allowed a run, while striking out 15 batters, during the last 14 innings.

The starting pitching is good enough, and will likely continue to be good enough, that the bullpen will likely dictate the overall team's results more than any other aspect of the team, including the sporadic offense.

In other words, when the bullpen pitches well, the Mets are going to have a chance win, as they have over the last six games. They'll lose when the bullpen struggles, as it did the first few games of the season. Get used to this pattern, because while these guys have looked really good this past week, I know and you know it's only a matter of time before they sputter. It's the nature of the bullpen beast, and it's not exclusive to the Mets.

The good news for the farm system is that, by having Jose Valverde and Kyle Farnsworth step up and succeed, it should give the front office some breathing room to figure out how and who in Triple-A can start being tested out in the bullpen for later in the season. Imagine if these two were an early-season bust, and the bullpen continued as it had the first few games, think about how much more pressure Sandy Alderson would be under to make a move? Now, he can exhale and think clearly about his youngest pitchers, while thanking the baseball gods that new life took over his oldest relievers.

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