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Ruben Tejada and Wilmer Flores will continue to alternate at shortstop depending on match-ups and the opposing pitcher, Terry Collins said Wednesday.

In the games played since May 9, when Flores was promoted from Triple-A, he has started 12 games and Tejada has started 14.

In that time, Tejada, 24, is batting .296 with two home runs and eight RBI, while Flores, 22, is batting .260 with one home run and 11 RBI. Together, they have given above-average production for their position in the National League.

Collins appears unconcerned about how this might impact their development and said he did not see himself naming a lone starter anytime soon, according to reporter Tim Rohan >> Read more in the New York Times.

I'll admit it, this is working. I can't believe it's working, but it is... at least for now. I'm conditioned to think it's foolish to platoon two guys in their early 20s. Conventional thinking is to be sure both guys, who are still developing, get time playing every day, whether in the big leagues or Triple-A.

That said, what if the Mets don't see a real future for these guys? What if neither player has any meaningful trade value? In that case, what's the harm in having them split time? At the very least, they get better production than Stephen Drew would have given them; and maybe a team is tempted in to thinking trading for Tejada or Flores could translate well to their dynamic. Who knows? Again, if it's isn't broke, don't fix it...

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