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The team is considering bringing up Zack Wheeler if the rotation does not improve soon, Terry Collins told Mike Francesa on WFAN.

Collins said he is considering playing John Buck at first base if they call up Travis d'Arnaud and Ike Davis continues to struggle.

In addition, Collins said that Marlon Byrd was penciled in to start in centerfield if they played on Wednesday night.

Francesa discussed the "other" Mets pitching prospects, like Rafael Montero and Noah Syndergaard. Collins said he is guarding against rushing them and that they "have to pitch their way here."

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If Wheeler can put together a few more starts like he did in his last time on the mound, where he has command of all of his pitches, he's limiting the number of walks allowed, and being efficient with his pitches, the results should warrant a promotion. He's very close, but he should not be used as a band-aid and promoted prematurely just because the Mets have holes now. If they do that, and he struggles because he's not prepared for the big leagues, that can cause more harm than good, both for him and the future of the franchise -- it's simply not worth risking that right now.

I’ve said it before — considering Sandy Alderson said he is willing to disregard Travis d’Arnaud’s ‘Super Two’ status should a need arise, I have to believe the same applies to Wheeler. However, the caveat to that is Wheeler has to be ready. In the case of both, I think the organization is more concerned about the extra year of control than they are about each of them having an extra year of arbitration.

Don't tease us, Terry. We're approaching that magical date where the team can call these two up and still have another year of control on them. So don't throw this carrot out for Mets fans if we're not going to see this future battery up until August.

And Byrd in centerfield? That's a new one. I'd rather see Kirk Nieuwenhuis, Jordany Valdespin or even Mike Baxter in center over Byrd, but that's just me.


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