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In his pre-game talk with reporters, standing on the field at Citi Field today, Terry Collins explained:

"Winning is what the game is about. We have never used the word rebuilding at all. Therefore, we’ve gone out and signed some quality veterans each and every year to fill some holes as our young players get better. There’s a light at the end of the tunnel and this is going to be a really interesting team when the young pitchers get here. ... I’m sorry, I’m not going to ever sit here and say, ‘We’ll just be the whipping boys for the rest for the league as we wait for our younger players.’ That’s not going to go on here. We have expectations here and part of them – when you’re a major league player – is to play right and play well. They didn’t get here by pulling names out of a hat to fill in for a couple of years."
The Mets have finished below .500 each of the last three seasons, during which they've lost more games than the year before.

Well, with all due respect, signing just quality veterans to fill holes year after year, all while waiting for young players to get better is exactly rebuilding. I mean, that's the definition of the process. Also, Terry's team has been the whipping boys of the division, for the most part, all while waiting for prospects to be promoted. Again, they're rebuilding. But that's OK. It's not a dirty word. I understand he can't say it, because he needs to motivate his team and keep them focused and, also, 'ya never know,' anything can happen in baseball. Ya gotta believe, and I do. But, speaking as one fan, I'm fine with the word rebuilding... I like it... so long as something eventually gets built.

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