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Terry Collins told reporters yesterday that it is possible the Mets put a C on David Wright's jersey. However, in either case, "This is his team. He's the face of it. He's the captain," Collins explained.

"Does he need a 'C' on his jersey," Collins asked rhetorically. "Umm, Number 2 doesn't have a 'C' on his jersey," he answered, referring to Yankees SS Derek Jeter.

"I don't think it's necessarily that important. Are we going to have a press conference to make Wright the captain? I don't see one coming. But, that's not saying it's not going to happen."

The actual C stitched to the jersey only matters to a point. I think Wright has the freedom and endorsement of management to do what is necessary to ‘keep people in line,’ so to speak. He is a leader. It's his team, as Collins said. David does everything expected of him on and off the field. This team’s issue isn’t Wright’s leadership skills, it’s the level of talent he's being asked to lead…

In regards to whether the C matters, I actually think it has more to do with how he responds and how his teammates react. Also, I think it depends on the organization and the context that it is happening. Collins is correct, the Yankees call Derek Jeter ‘the Captain,’ yet he has no physical C on his chest. That said, the Red Sox put a C on Jason Varitek’s uniform. Why the difference?

For the Mets and where they are right now in their history, as fans tune in and out and look for reasons to believe, and with a roster full of young players making their big-league debut, I think slapping a C on Wright's chest might act as a reminder to everyone about how players are expected to perform (on and off the field). In other words, I think it can matter, though it’s not guarantee of anything. It’s not the end-all, be-all to winning and it certainly isn’t more important that actually acquiring and developing better baseball players. But, in the right situation (and I think this is one of them), I think it can have a helpful impact.

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