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Today in Nashville, Terry Collins spoke with reporters and said Jenrry Mejia will work as a starting pitcher and Jeurys Familia will work as a reliever during Spring Training.

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Collins said he doesn't know what role Mejia will end up in by the close of camp, but said if Familia doesn't make the team out of camp, he will work in Triple-A Las Vegas' bullpen.

As of now, newly signed Brandon Hicks will serve as the team's backup middle infielder.

Tim Byrdak could begin throwing in May, and Collins said Byrdak might be able to contribute in the second half.

The Mets expect Johan Santana to make between 28 and 30 starts, Collins said.

Darin Gorski, who has spent most of his Minor League career as a starter, could get a look as a lefty specialist in the big league bullpen.

Collins wants to look at Justin Turner in the outfield during camp.

Zack Wheeler could get a shot at the rotation out of camp if the team trades a starting pitcher this winter.

This discussion may be for another day, but the Mets really need to figure out a plan for Jenrry Mejia and Jeurys Familia. Mejia has been jerked around between being a starter and a reliever since 2010 based on need, and he just has not gotten his career on track. I worry that instability has played a role in that.

As far as Familia is concerned, if the Mets intend to bottom-feed the bullpen market this Winter, it would make sense to take a look at Familia in a short relief role during camp. But if they do that, I'm not sure why they would send him back to Triple-A to start. Of course, teams don't develop pitchers to be relievers, but there needs to be a sturdy plan for him (and Mejia) going forward, and they need to stick to it.

To hear Terry's talk with Kevin Burkhardt on SNY's Mets Hot Stove tonight, watch this:

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