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After tonight's 3-1 loss to the Phillies, Terry Collins talked to reporters and had the following to say about:

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R.A. Dickey, who allowed two earned runs in seven innings:

"You feel for him because all he has done is given himself a chance to win the baseball game. We'll go back at the end of the year and re-count the number of games where he didn't get a decision or he's allowed us to have an opportunity to win it. Hopefully it doesn't get back to bite him too bad."

If there was a particular inning where he thought the Mets had to score:

"There were a couple of innings. I thought if we get a run here we have a chance to climb right back and make a difference. I asked R.A. when I took him out how was he doing and I said right now you have to understand you are a big piece to this. As he always did he said 'try and win the game'...We just can't seem to come up with enough big hits."

How much attention does he pay to the other pitchers who are in contention for the Cy Young:

"I gotta tell you I don't watch them...All I worry about is when he's (R.A.) pitching again and figure out how we are going to scrape some runs together."[/sny-box]

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