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Terry Collins will begin this season under his existing contract, which expires at the end of this year.

Sandy Alderson talked to SNY's Mets Hot Stove last night about the Collins being considered a "lame duck manager," and he said:

"I think it will only be an issue if Terry makes it an issue or I make it an issue. I hope we don't let the media make it an issue, although it's a question that I'm sure will be asked, especially early in spring training. ... I've talked to Terry. I think he's comfortable with his situation, and I know that whatever happens this season there will be a fair evaluation at the end."

In a final vote on last September, 46% said they held a favorable view of Collins, while 29% held an unfavorable view and 23% were undecided.

I’m fine with him being a ‘lame duck manager.’ I never thought Collins should have been fired last season, nor do I think he should get a contract extension now, especially after last year’s second half. I put the bulk of the blame last year on Sandy Alderson and the players, which is why I’m fine letting Collins manage again this year. That said, extending his current contract would have sent a terrible message about what is acceptable… not just to the players, but to us as fans and customers expected to buy in to Alderson’s long-term vision.

I wrote more about this in this post from last week.

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