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After tonight's 7-1 win over the Nationals, Terry Collins spoke to reporters and had the following to say about:

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Matt Harvey, who allowed one run on four hits and what impressed him the most in the seventh inning:

"He pitched a great game. That's the mark of a true ace right there. It was late in the game and he was getting tired and he knew he had to get out of that inning. He reached back for a little extra and made huge pitches. To me that's why we can't say enough things. This kid is in the beginning of a long and successful career. Games like tonight can spread to be great seasons."

In the first inning, was he worried about Harvey over extending himself:

"Yes I was. We all were. That's why I said before the game, if these two get in a burnout of who is going to throw harder, early innings are going to be just as scarey to watch. But how long is that going to last. I thought John did a great job of settling him down, getting him back in the game plan and getting him away from trying to overthrow.

Ike Davis, who hit his sixth multi- game home run game of his career:

"I hope this gets this guy going. We need him so bad in that line up to produce runs for us. We know he can. When you hit homers in a game like this in a game against maybe the best team in baseball, your confidence has to go up."

Lucas Duda, who had two home runs in tonight's game:

"When Lucas Duda's ball went out in left centerfield, we knew he was going to get dangerous. The dimensions of the park are going to help these guys. That's how he got to the big leagues. He got to the big leagues because he's got power the other way."

Hearing the "USA" chants in the ballpark:

"When they were chanting USA, you knew something big happened. Obviously it's not just a big night for us, there's bigger things going on in the world. Everybody was excited in the dugout that they finally caught that guy."[/sny-box]

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