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The Player Development Contract signed by Major and Minor League teams is discussed in detail in Rule 56 of the official Major League Baseball Rules (see here for the 2008 version).

Remember, teams and their affiliates can sign an extension to their PDC at any time.

The Mets need need new affiliates at two levels: AAA and A-ball. In the AAA case, the only open spot is Vegas. There are lots of options in A-ball where the Mets and Savannah Sand Gnats have not announced a new agreement.


The timeline for signing with a new afilliate is as follows:

  •  9/4-9/11 - Clubs notify their central office of their intent to seek reaffiliation. MLB teams notify the office of the commisioner, while minor league teams notify the office of the minor league president.
  • 9/12-9/15 - "The Office of the Commissioner and the President of the Minor League Association give notice to all Clubs seeking reaffiliation, providing a list of Clubs in the same classification or sub-classification that are eligible for a PDC affiliation and that are the subject of a notice of a desire to reaffiliate.
  • 9/16-9/30 - OPEN NEGOTIATION
  • 10/1-10/7 - Forced marriage - "Clubs that have not agreed to enter into a PDC arrangement or renew an existing PDC arrangement will be assigned PDC affiliations by the Office of the Commissioner and the President of the Minor League Association."
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