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I've talked to some knowledgable people in baseball tonight, and it seems the Mets are in an interesting position here... since it looks like division rivals, the Rangers and Angels, are both still interested in R.A. Dickey.

By the way, I assume this situation is why Sandy Alderson has not been jumping through hoops and rushing to sign Dickey to a contract extension these past few weeks. Of course, if trade talks go no place, I think Alderson will quickly meet Dickey's demands and get a new contract done. But, even today, still, there is no rush... Alderson has to flesh out this trade market first.

The Rangers have always sounded like the best option for Dickey because they're most willing to trade young hitters. However, from what I can tell, the Mets aren't crazy about 1B-3B prospect Mike Olt or speedy center fielder Leonys Martin (the two players Texas is most likely to give up). From what I can gather, the Mets have concerns about Olt's transition to the outfield (especially in Citi Field).

And this is important: Alderson isn't going to trade Dickey or Jon Niese just to trade them. The way I understand it, he'd MUCH rather keep his pitching strong (and sign a free agent bat) than risk botching a trade.

As for the Angels, people in Los Angeles keep saying tonight that they're NOT going to trade Mark Trumbo this off season. They said the same thing about Peter Bourjos a few weeks ago, though, and I now hear from insiders that this is no longer the case. Bourjos can be had. And I'm not buying Trumbo either, frankly. It sounds to me like both, as well as Kendry Morales and pitching prospect Garret Richards, can each be had for the right starting pitcher. I don't know if the Mets are a perfect fit, but I do know the Angels like Dickey a lot because he's the best bang for the dollar, he gives them a different look, goes deep in games and can help protect the bullpen.

The Angels also have interest in Niese, by the way.

Speaking of Niese, while Toronto has some interest in Dickey, I'm convinced they prefer Niese (who they also had interest in a year ago).

These three teams and others are still looking for a starting pitcher, especially the Angels.

According to MLB Trade Rumors, it seems the Tigers and Cubs are about to outbid one another for free-agent RHP Anibal Sanchez. If this happens, I think Dickey becomes everyone else's next best option...

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