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I need to get control of myself.  Today has been amazing.  I am getting really, really excited about what is about to happen to the Mets.

Of course, I once told my friend, the day Mike Hampton was acquired, that I would gladly allow Steve Phillips to dictate every decision in my life.  What's worse, I printed In Omar We Trust t-shirts for MetsBlog after the 2006 season, because I was so confident in where that path was headed as well.  So, I mean, I do have a history of overdosing on hope and otimism.  But, that's only because I love this team, and I am desperate to see them dominate, be respected and be fun to watch again.  Also, I always hope for the best, and so I tend to latch right on, hook, line and sinker, the minute I feel any kind of confidence.

The thing is, this feels different.  This feels solid and strong.  It does't feel like a fairytale, a story about a kid from Queens, or a bunch of underachievers playing over their heads.  Instead, this feels and looks real.  This looks like a system, based in research, which I have seen work in other places, with people who have succeeded before.  There is an actual reason to be optimistic, and I'm excited about that.

In talking to people close to the team, familiar with how things might progress, it sounds to me like Alderson intends to build a team of front office people, scouts and coaches, who he has worked with before, all on the same page, working towards the same goal, using methods he has had success with in the past, and where nonsense will not be tolerated.

I was recently told by someone who works for a different organization about how excited I am, and he said, "You should be.  Sandy isn't getting back in this game to play Junior Varsity."  That gave me chills.  In other words, this is a serious business, and serious, experienced people are taking charge.

This might work just as I hope.  It might take time.  It might even fail.  I have no idea, frankly.  What I do know is that, for the first time in my adult life, as a Mets fan, it feels like the grown ups are in charge... and I like it.

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