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In yesterday's 5-1 win over the Marlins, the Mets bullpen combined for four innings of one-hit ball in relief of Chris Young.

Over their last eight games, the Mets bullpen has allowed just one run, a span of 22 1/3 innings - the Mets are 7-1 over that span.

The Mets bullpen has improved to 29th best in baseball with a 4.77 ERA - 1/10 of a run ahead of the Houston Astros.

They deserve a lot of credit over the last week or so - no question about it. I firmly believe the consistent presence of the second left-handed reliever has stabilized things down there. It has allowed the other relievers to pitch in situations more conducive for success, rather than forcing them into unfavorable match-ups. However, the rest of the season cannot be forgotten, and an overhaul remains necessary in the bullpen.

The standout in the bullpen has been Jon Rauch. He has been awesome. He was inconsistent in the first part of the season - he was really emphasizing his off-speed pitches during that time, and he was struggling to find consistency. But he's using his fastball (combined with his long stride for deception) as his primary weapon, and he has not looked back. In addition, he has battled elbow problems and sore knees all year long but has managed through those issues and has put together a very fine season.

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