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This last week or so was a real vacation away from MetsBlog for me. So much so, I didn't write anything or to talk to anyone connected to the game, which was nice. I needed to clear my mind and spend time with my family. But, I return here, 11 days later, to find this team mostly the same, which is very disappointing.

So, where do things stand?

The Mets will start descending on St. Lucie within a month, and they actually have less starting outfielders available to them today than they did at the end of last year (when they won just 74 games). Seriously, look at the roster! If the season started today, I'm pretty sure Sandy Alderson would have to dip in to Double-A to find a starting outfielder. So, I assume he and his staff are readying a deal or two, they have to be. I hope they've been using this time to set up a meaningful trade, and now that they're all back from holiday they can pull the trigger. I hope they have hand-shake agreements with a free agent or two, whose contracts are now ready for ink. I hope they have something in the works. In October, on WFAN (online MSN), Alderson said his outfield and catching core needed 'significant change.' He made a move behind the plate that has terrific potential, but he did it at the expense of the big-league rotation and Travis d'Arnaud is still an unknown. The outfield has actually gotten worse, which I didn't think was even possible. If significant changes are even possible at this point, I'm eager to see them... because the clock is ticking.

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