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I understand if people feel like Sandy Alderson might never make a move this winter, but the reality is he has to. Right now, if the season started tomorrow, he has so few players under contract, he'd have to dip in to Double-A to find a starting outfielder. So, believe me, there will be additions in some way, shape or form.

The thing is, I have no idea what those moves will be, because the options are limited...

Scott Hairston, Cody Ross: The Mets have a good shot at one of these two guys. However, right now, they're both waiting to see what happens with Nick Swisher and Michael Bourne. Ross and Hairston each want a three-year deal, and, while no team is offering it yet, they know the Mets, Yankees, Phillies, Cardinals and others all have interest.

Nick Swisher: As far as I can tell, the Mets are not among the large number of teams still pursuing Swisher.

Michael Bourn: New reports suggest he and Scott Boras might give up looking for a long-term deal and instead seek a one-year contract, so he can reapply next winter. If that's the case, I bet the Mets show interest.

Jacoby Elsbury: Today, it seems very unlikely he gets traded. I think teams question his health, and are scared off knowing his agent is Scott Boras and he'll be a free agent one year from now.

Dexter Fowler: Rockies people say he isn't available, but the Braves and others keep asking. In early December, people at the Winter Meetings said Colorado will only consider moving him if a team overpays with major-league ready pitching.

Josh Willingham: The Twins had been listening to offers for him, and teams keep asking, but it looks like he's staying put now that Denard Span was traded away.

Diamondbacks: The word in Arizona is that the D-Backs are more likely to trade Jason Kubel than Gerrardo Parra or Justin Upton, and they'll likely pick up talks with teams who just lost out on Josh Hamilton (like the Phillies, Rangers, Mariners, etc.). It doesn't sound to me like there has been much talk between the D-Backs and Mets, though I believe they were one of the early teams to inquire about Dickey.


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