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WFAN's Mike Francesa said on air today that, after talking to Mets sources, he believes the team and David Wright are close to agreeing on a contract extension.

He catageorized the team's recent offer as being 'legit,' 'respectful,' and 'generous.'

"I would think that this contract is gonna get it done," he said, "unless he doesn't want to be here."

In addition, Francesa said:

"My understanding is the offer is legitimate. ... You cannot say the Mets have not made a fair offer. They have made a legitimatley fair, sound, offer. The biggest issue is how much is front-loaded, how much is in the later parts of the contract. Is there deferred money after the contract ends? Clearly, how you structure the contract is still open for debate. ... I think the Mets have put forth a contract that is substantial and is respectful in every way. ... I was a little surprised by some of the comments from Wright's camp, but it's posturing. ... The only thing I wanted to find out is whether the deal is legit, and the deal is legit. Does he want to stay? I would think he does. I would categorize them as being very close."
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Thanks to Danny Abriano for transcribing this information.

In regards to contract extensions, R.A. Dickey and Wright, Mets GM Sandy Alderson said this to Newsday last week:

"Between Thanksgiving and the winter meetings, we need to have a little more clarity than we have now, certainly. ... At some point, we need resolution on these discussions to be able to move on. ... We did get started early, but these things take on a life of their own. So I'm not surprised in either case that things have gone on as they have."

Well, it's that time. The Winter Meetings start next Monday. Thanksgiving was last week. Everyone is back to work, hustling before shipping off to Nashville. Yesterday's news cycle indicates Alderson wasn't kidding when he said he wanted 'clarity.'

Clearly, the Mets and David Wright have gone back and forth on what a new contract should look like. The Mets obviously feel they've done what is necessary to get Wright a serious, worthwhile contract. And yet talks continue... and the clock is ticking.

The above statement doesn't mean Alderson is demanding Wright ink a deal sooner than later. But, at the very least, it reads like he needs to know Wright's honest intentions so he can create a plan of attack for the Winter Meetings.

I'm sure Alderson's plan will be significantly different if Wright intends to be a free agent one year from now, as this also impacts how he handles Dickey (especially if there is a chance to trade him).

My bet is the team leaked details of their final offer a) because it lets us know they're serious about bringing him back, and b) because they need to force his hand (either to sign their offer, or at least say he will or won't (as they continue work on minor details). Hopefully the Mets were successful in their messaging, and Wright soon lets them know what's what, because the Mets need better players and Alderson has a flight to catch...

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