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Hitting coach Dave Hudgens, who was fired by the Mets on Monday, said GM Sandy Alderson could do better with the Mets if he was allowed to spend more money on payroll.

"If they want a winner in that town, I'd let the purse strings loose and let Sandy do what he wants to do," Hudgens told ESPN 98.7 FM. "I don't know what goes on in the front office, or whose hands are tied or whatever, but I think if Sandy could do everything he wanted to do they would have a winner here."

Alderson followed Hudgens on the same radio station and said, "Hudgens doesn't sit in my office."

"That's a perception that a lot of people have and I don't think it's a fair one," Alderson said, in regards to people who suggest ownership somehow limits his ability to improve the team.

According to Alderson, his team's payroll is $85 million this year, as well as last year.

"Look, our payroll is not the highest in baseball, I get that," he said. However, he added, "What we expect out of ourselves is less than what we've gotten. The payroll is not an excuse. ... We sign players for a reason and we have expectations of what they can do and it doesn't always work out."

In regards to whether his payroll will go up, he said, "I do believe it will go up if we're able to generate the kind of revenue that will support that, and that's why we have to win."

He said he doesn't necessarily believe in the idea that a team must spend money to make money.

"It probably raises the probabilities somewhat, but it doesn't ensure anything," he said.

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