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The players arrive early, usually around 7:30 or so, though tomorrow that will probably be earlier since the team has media training at 8 am. They arrive, shower, eat breakfast at their lockers or together at a small table, then suit up for the field.

I get here around 8 am, and most of the player's parking lot is already full.

The coaching staff typically meets as a group around 8 am in the private conference room to talk about the day ahead. Players are invited to do early work in the gym or indoor batting cage, but it's not required. The team will meet today on field at 9:30 am to do active stretch and conditioning, which lasts up to 40 minutes.

The team then breaks in to four groups (pitchers, catchers, infielders and outfielders) to do a variety of organized, pre-planned drills and programs to work on team fundamentals (pick off plays, cut off throws, double plays, etc.) and individual fundamentals (groundballs, live BP, etc.). Batting practice usually starts around 11:30 am, during which pitchers usually do PFP (pitcher fielding practice, such as fielding bunts, covering first, etc). This will last an hour, maybe less, after which the groups break, some stop to sign autographs, and they move in to the clubhouse for a post-workout workout and lunch. Terry Collins will typically talk reporters from the media room just after practice, after which players, starting around 2 pm, begin trickling out from the clubhouse to the parking lot, one by one in street clothes, to leave for the day.

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