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Due to today's game being the Mets last home game until next Thursday most of the regulars saw extensive action.  While it was nice to see Duda and Davis handle the LHP I'll concentrate on Matt den Dekker and Wilmer Flores.

den Dekker worked a very patient full count ground out in his first AB against a righty, laying off low breaking pitches.  His AB's against the lefties were not so encouraging  getting his knees buckled on a steady diet of breakers.  He will certainly need to be more competitive against same side pitching for him to see success at AAA, much less on the big league level.   There was of course this sweet catch which have become spring training regulars from den Dekker.

Wilmer Flores lined up at 3B in today's game which was unfortunate because just about every play went to Justin Turner at 2B.  I think even Justin Turner grounded out to Justin Turner at one point... In the 7th Flores finally saw his first defensive play.  He may have drifted off, or he might be really slow.  On a slow roller he charged and had no play on Brandon Barnes.  After a routine play followed, Flores had another slow roller in the 8th, with men on 1st and 2nd.  On a play that David Wright would have charged to field in front of the runner and sent to second to possibly start a double play, Flores had to play it behind the runner and barely threw out the Astro's catcher Carlos Perez.  After liking what I saw from Flores at 2B earlier in the spring, I came away from today's game wondering if Flores might actually be too slow to even play 3B regularly.

Zach Lutz had a bad series at 1B and he only played 4 innings.  Botching a grounder, failing to catch a foul pop near the railing, and then short arming a throw to Parnell that they called an error on Parnell, but the throw was well low.

Gorski and McHugh had uneventful innings of work.  Only really of note because these suspected AAA starters made short relief outings.  Rob Carson walked Fernando Martinez and gave up a homer to Carlos Pena, but then recovered to retire two more lefties.  As someone in the loogy competition this was a rough outing.

All in all my first trip to a spring training game was enjoyable, if a little light on the prospects to view.   - NateW

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