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Tom Glavine, who was elected to the Hall of Fame on Wednesday, said his time with the Mets was 'fun.'

"It was a fun five years, albeit a tough five years at times for my family with me being gone," Glavine said (ESPN, Jan 8). "It was a great experience being in New York and playing in New York. It's an experience, I think, every player should have."

Glavine was 61-56 with a 3.97 ERA in 164 starts during his time with the Mets, which comprised roughly 20 percent of his career.

"I'll always have fond memories for the Mets organization for the opportunity, but also because I won my 300th game in their uniform. That's something I certainly will never forget," he said. "By and large it was a very fun, positive experience for me. I certainly had some down moments as well. But I'd like to think I was a part of them kind of turning the corner and helping get their organization back on track, as evidenced by the playoff appearance in 2007."

Ugh. It was 2006, Tom. 2006, not 2007! Jeez, I hate that I now remember Glavine for things like this, plus his disastrous outing to end 2007. As if the seven runs he allowed wasn't bad enough, he later said he was "disappointed," -- not "devastated" -- by the performance, which infuriated Mets fans more. He had a terrific career. I loved watching him pitch. He was a nice, smart, generous, talented, smooth and stoic man on the mound, and he contributed a lot to the Mets in a short time. Yet, when I see him, I can only think of that final game against the Marlins, which only supports the overarching association that he was a Brave in Mets clothing.

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