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Tom Glavine knows Mets fans are still angry about his final game in 2007, but he wishes they could get over it.

“Look, I’ve still got people hating on me on Twitter and everywhere else over that game,” Glavine said, who was elected to the Hall of Fame earlier this week (New York Post, Jan. 10). “Like I’ve said to people, for what was otherwise a lot of fun for five years, that was not the way I wanted things to end here. It certainly is not something that I’m proud of or certainly not the way I wanted to end my time here as a Met.”

Glavine went 61-56 with a 3.97 ERA in five seasons with the Mets. However, in a game that could have forced a one-game playoff to end the 2007 season, he gave up seven runs against the Marlins in the season's final game. The Mets went on to lose and complete an epic collapse that started in early September.

“I wish that people could get past that a little bit and look at some of the other good things that I did, but I understand that there’s still some anger from some people out there,” Glavine said (New York Post, Jan. 10).

I respect Glavine. He was an outstanding pitcher. Interestingly, he was one of my favorite pitchers to watch work and he totally deserves to be in the Hall of Fame. I hear what he's saying about critical Mets fans who should not be as mean as some are to him on social media. However, as I wrote on Wednesday, despite his accomplishments, I totally understand why some fans can't shake that final performance. I'm not proud of this myself. I wish I was better than that, but when I see him I only think of the Marlins running across home plate and dancing in front of the dugout all afternoon. It is what it is... I'm not over it. What can I say?

To see Glavine's talk on SNY's Daily News Live, talking about his time with the Mets, watch this:

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