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Tom Seaver says the Mets have never approached him about naming or erecting a statue or monument in his honor at Citi Field, he told WFAN's Boomer and Carton show on Friday.

The show's co-host, Boomer Esiason, has been calling for the Mets to commission a Seaver statue, similar to the Stan Musial statue in St. Louis and the Willie Mays statue in San Francisco.

“I understand that I’m part of the history of the game of baseball, it is going to be what it is," Seaver said, when asked about his legacy. "The wonderful thing are the memories that I have about the game, and I loved it."

Personally, I'm not in favor of building statues of athletes, because you just never know where that person's personal legacy will end up. It's nothing against the specific player. It's just that I'm a fan of the team first, players second. Seaver was awesome, no question. He was amazing. He's a legend. But, he was a member of the Mets. He isn't bigger than the team, despite what he did for them on and off field. His number is retired, not his name, alongside with other members of the organization. He is all over the ballpark's museum, alongside other members of the organization. And, most important, his name is in the history books and the memories of fans that will talk about his legacy forever. That said, I totally understand why some fans, like Esiason, want the statue. I'm not against it. I'm proud of Seaver. I'm just not in to putting people on pedestals, because you never know if they might fall down...

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