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These two are years, and years away from the big leagues. They're both huge risks with some upside.

 #34 - RHP Corey Oswalt 

Bats/Throws: Right/Right

Height/Weight:  6’4”, 200 lbs

Acquired:  7th round, 2012 (Madison HS)

Born: 9/3/93 (San Diego, CA)

2012 Rank: N/A | Stats Why Ranked Here: Money and projection. The Mets drafted Corey Oswalt in the seventh round and paid him like a late-second/early third round pick. That’s enough more or less to slide into the rankings here. He’s tall and projectable with an average ish fastball. Oswalt was a nice third baseman, but everything on the mound is still raw including his curve and changeup.

2012: He gave up a lot of hits in the Appalachian League, but hey, at least he didn’t walk anyone.

Dr. Pangloss Says: Mid-rotation starter

Debbie Downer Says: AA veteran who never sees a 40-man roster.

Projected 2013 Start: Extended Spring Training then Brooklyn perhaps.

MLB Arrival: 2018

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2012 APP;8.16;9/6;35.3;49;33;32;1;7;20;4;2;


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2012 APP;1.8;5.1;2.9;0.3;12.5;8.4;4.3;12.3;0.6;162;




#35 - LF Vincente Lupo

Bats/Throws: Right/Right

Height/Weight:  6’0”, 180 lbs

Acquired:  NDFA ‘10

Born:  11/26/93 (Caracas, VZ)

2012 Rank: NR | Stats Why Ranked Here: This ranking is a bet on Lupo’s bat. Last August, Mets outfield and baserunning coordinator Jack Voigt told me that Lupo was the most improved player year over year in the Mets’ Dominican Complex. This makes sense, Lupo’s 2011 was derailed by a serious, non-baseball medical condition that required hospitalization and hurt his conditioning.

Voigt was pleased by Lupo’s all-around game, “He has really put on some good muscle this year. He’s lost weight. His arm is improving. His routes are improving. He runs pretty decent for a large guy. He’s not a plus runner but he’s a guy that does run the bases fairly intelligently and he’s got some pop in the bat.”

2012: Lupo was one of the players who was hurt by the fact that the Mets did not field a GCL team in 2012 as he was forced to repeat the DSL where he put up historic numbers as a 19-year old. Everything about his DSL line is ridiculous: he walked more than he struck out, he hit for power and ran a .403 BABIP, but of course it’s the DSL.

Dr. Pangloss Says: An above average left-fielder

Debbie Downer Says: Beating up on younger teenagers in repeating the DSL, and already forced to a corner? This is the biggest reach on the list.

Projected 2013 Start: Extended Spring Training then Kingsport

MLB Arrival: 2018




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2012 DSL;65;204;70;18;3;10;46;45;18;.343;.500;.608;;






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2012 DSL;11.5;16.7;17.1;3.7;.403;.265;


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