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Again, this is a post-season review of my Preseason Top 41 Mets Prospects, which I’m making part of the Mets’ minor league season in review.

As far as the Top Prospect review pieces, part five, on players 16-20 is here, part four, on players 21-25 is here, part three, on players 26-30 is here, part two on players 31-35 is here, part one, on players #36-41 is here.


#11 - RHP Michael FulmerWhat I Thought: I liked Fulmer's size, build and raw stuff (an average or better fastball, and the ability to spin a breaking ball) in a brief viewing in the Gulf Coast League in 2011. Reality: The Mets challenged Fulmer with an opening day assignment to Savannah and he responded very well, improving over the course of the year against older competition. Pitching Coach Frank Viola raved about Fulmer's aptitude, work ethic and maturity from day one. His fastball at 93-95 mph, ate up SAL hitters. He and Viola prioritized working on his slider over the curveball. As the year went on, scouts' grades on the pitch inched upward. He started throwing his changeup more, although it tended towards too firm. He made some mechanical adjustments, tucking his front hip, to give him better tempo and timing in his delivery. Stock: UP. On the Next Top 41? Top 5.


2011 GCL10.134/35.33976041011
2012 SAL2.7421/21108.392373363810168

2011 GCL6.816.
2012 SAL3.


#12 - 2B Jordany ValdespinWhat I Thought: He would play second base in the big leagues, where his lack of plate discipline would hurt his value.  Reality: Bingo. He played second an a whole bunch of centerfield in the big leagues where his lack of plate discipline (4.9% walk rate) hurt his value on the way to a .286 on-base percentage. Stock: Similar. Valdespin is who we thought he was. On the Next Top 41? Nope. Graduated.


2011 AA107404120243152168277.297.341.483
2011 AAA2710730802425110.280.304.411
2011 Total134511150323172593387.294.333.468
2012 AAA39151432151022101.285.331.411
2012 MLB94191469181044032.241.286.424

2011 AA9.515.
2011 AAA8.822.
2011 Total9.416.
2012 AAA4.913.
2012 MLB8.721.


#13 - LHP Darin GorskiWhat I Thought: Coming off a dominant 2011 in the Florida State League, Gorski had a chance to stick at the back end of a big league rotation. Reality: Gorski was ordinary at AA. The key was that his command regressed. His walk rate climbed back to the rate of 2010 in the South Atlantic League and his strikeout rate dipped to its lowest rate in full-season ball.  Stock: Down.On the Next Top 41? Yeah.


2010 SAL4.5825/1811412570581243109109
2011 FSL2.0827/21138.671094032112914077
2012 EL4.0025/24139.6712868622050118413

2010 SAL3.
2011 FSL1.
2012 EL3.


#14 - RHP Domingo TapiaWhat I Thought: He was big and threw hard and had a changeup and that was enough for me.

Reality: He's big, and he throws really hard out of a low arm slot with movement, and that makes him a fine prospect. Tapia, who regularly hit 99 mph, has one of the best fastballs in the system alongside only Zack Wheeler. His two-seamer can be unhittable at times with sink. He started working more with a four-seamer as well as the year went on. His second pitch is a changeup at 88-91 that when it's right, disappears down. Up, it becomes an ordinary fastball. His breaking ball came and went; at times he showed the makings of a viable slider, but he threw it less during the second half to focus on his two fastballs and changeup. Stock: Up a little.On the Next Top 41? Duh.


2011 APP3.7811/11505028213163015
2011 NYP0.001/1650000600
2012 SAL3.9820/19108.6792554823210125

2011 APP2.
2011 NYP0.09.0INF0.
2012 SAL2.


#15 - 3B Aderlin RodriguezWhat I Thought: I loved Rodriguez's power. Reality: He led all Mets' minor leaguers with 24 homeruns. He figured out the South Atlantic League as a 20-year old hitting a very loud .307/.368/.555 from May 1 until he was promoted to advanced-A St. Lucie on July 12. After a slow first two weeks in July, in the FSL, he bounced back to hit .278/.321/.519 in 21 games in August. Rodriguez made modest improvements defensively at third and started working seriously at first base, playing 10 games at the position between Savannah and St. Lucie. Stock: Up. On the Next Top 41? Definitely.


2011 SAL1315161142321729106.221.265.372
2012 SAL Total8331887211162971.274.336.497
2012 April2410020613824.200.266.370
SAL After May 15921867150132147.307.368.555
2012 Total1254711242612437101.263.321.476
2011 SAL7.619.
2012 SAL Total10.820.
2012 April9.
2012 Since May


2012 Total9.919.
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