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Again, this is a post-season review of my Preseason Top 41 Mets Prospects, which I'm making part of the Mets' minor league season in review.

As far as the Top Prospect review pieces, part four, on players 21-25 is here, part three, on players 26-30 is here, part two on players 31-35 is here, part one, on players #36-41 is here.

This group 16-20, is a fascinating five-some.

#16 - C Albert CorderoWhat I Thought: He had the defensive skills to catch in the big leagues, making him a safe, by a-ball standards, pick to reach the big leagues and following a second-half surge in 2011 with markedly improved plate discipline, his bat had progressed to the point where he could be an MLB starter. Reality: It all fell apart for Cordero. Frustrated by being returned to Savannah, he tried to swing his way to St. Lucie in every at-bat and walked just six times in 28 games in April and May. Then, even when the walks returned, he drew them at a 14% clip from June through the end of the season, the hits did not. He struggled with his balance in his swing. Overall, simply put, hard-hit balls were few and far between. Stock: DownOn the Next Top 41? Unlikely.


2011 A - SAL10438511015261569549.286.324.382
2012 A - SAL762524913022843422.194.276.270
2011 A - SAL5.516.
2012 A - SAL5.

#17 - SS Wilmer FloresWhat I Thought: Flores was not a shortstop and aside from outstanding contact skills, had not shown the ability to hit for power or draw walks (get on base) that would make him a valuable corner guy.

Reality: Well, the Mets moved Flores off of shortstop, first to third base, and then mixed in time at second and third after he reached double-A. In addition to making a ton of contact, he began to show the power with a career-high 18 homeruns in the season in which he turned 21, that would make him a valuable piece on an infield corner.

Stock: Movin up in the world like elevators. On the Next Top 41? Uh, yeah, like top three.


2011 - FSL51613926292768826.269.309.380
2012 - FSL24270120101830813.289.336.463
2012 - EL2517818282030211.311.361.494
2012 Total4931483021838601024.300.349.479
2011 - FSL6.612.
2012 - FSL8.
2012 - EL10.
2012 Total9.

**I wanted to make a point by putting Cordero, who could play a valuable defensive position above Flores, who clearly could not play short last winter. Flores' bat progressed while the Mets worked to find him a defensive home. Cordero's regressed. Obviously, this pair of rankings looks silly now by the end of the 2012 season.**


#18 - Matt den DekkerWhat I Thought: His defense would make him a big leaguer eventually, but I was concerned that he would never hit enough to hold down an everyday job.

Reality: He blew through AA, and the strikeouts ate his batting average in AAA.  He fanned in 28% of his plate appearances.

Stock: Down. I do not think he will hit enough to hold down an everyday job and he turned 25 in August, 2012.

On the Next Top 41? Probably near the end.


2011 Total1545391433211175115661010.265.337.460
2012 EL582388121482064415.340.397.563
2012 IL772956510491490512.220.256.373
2012 Total1355331463181734154927.274.321.458
MiLB Career316117632576193494338151218.276.335.460
2011 Total9.725.
2012 EL12.323.
2012 IL7.328.
2012 Total9.626.
MiLB Career9.825.


#19 - Josh EdginWhat I Thought: He was close to ready to contribute as a MLB bullpen LOOGY with a heavy fastball/slider combination.

Reality: Nailed it. Major League lefties hit .164/.246/.345 against him in 55 AB, while righties beat him up at .263/.364/.474 in 38 AB.

Stock: Up. He's graduated.

On the Next Top 41? No.


#20 - Akeel MorrisWhat I Thought: He was a raw right-hander with a good arm.

Reality: He was even rawer than I thought, and the fastball was not quite as good. He basically had no pitching experience before the Mets drafted him, enamored with lively arm. He was sitting 92-93 with Kingsport.  After allowing 10 runs in two innings his final start, and 17 runs over his final 4.1 innings as a starter in July, the Mets moved Morris to the bullpen where his results were much better. As a reliever, he fanned 27 batters and walked 10 while allowing just eight hits in 16 innings. Both runs he allowed out of the pen came on solo homers for a 1.13 ERA. At a slight 6'1", 170, he was always a long shot to start, but now he might have a home in the bullpen.

Stock: Down.

On the Next Top 41? Perhaps near the back.


APP 113.8611/1151.3330282253861
APP 127.996/1138.338373472250
APP 116.710.
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