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So, I started to do this as a mid-season prospect review, then got derailed by a few other projects. Instead this will become a piece of the post-season wrap of 2012 around here.

Part three, on players 26-30 is here, part two on players 31-35 is here, part one, on players #36-41 is here.


#21 - Philip EvansWhat I Thought: After the Mets signed him for the third-largest bonus in their 2011 draft class, he was a worthwhile middle infield prospect.

Reality: He's a worthwhile middle infield prospect. Evans clearly made use of his winter, and spring, by the time he reported to Brooklyn, the 19-year old's arms were huge by minor league or middle-infielder standards anywhere. I saw him make solid contact, but nearly everything was yanked in the direction of left-center field. He's already patient for a young hitter. However, he'll need to learn to go the other way at least a little bit to keep his average up at higher levels. I'm not sold that Evans' has the range to play shortstop everyday (see also: only two stolen bases in 73 games in Brooklyn), or the arm.

Stock: Similar

On the Next Top 41? Yup.


2011 Total9341040035.294.351.412
2012 NYP73294748153148.252.328.337

2011 TOT10.813.
2012 NYP4.314.

#22 - LHP Juan UrbinaWhat I Thought: He was a projectable left-hander.

Reality: He's a rail-thin 6'2" with little strength and no stuff. The night I saw him in Brooklyn, he topped out at 86 mph with his fastball that he had trouble locating, and mixed in a lousy, slurvy breaking ball.

Stock: Gone. (As an aside, ranking him at #14 two years ago looks awful.)

On the Next Top 41? No chance.


10 GCL5.0311/1148.3354322751438
11 APP5.9512/125668433792049
12 NYP3.603/05422035
12 APP5.119/012.3397701618

#23 - RHP Chris SchwindenWhat I Thought: He had a chance as a fifth starter/long man type.

Reality: He was designated for assignment and claimed four different times in a month, passing from the Mets to the Jays to the Yankees, to the Indians and back to the Mets. That's pretty funny. Certainly funnier than his 0-1 record and 12.46 ERA with 13 runs on 15 hits allowed in 8.2 innings in the big leagues this year. Returned to AAA, he was a capable AAA starter.

Stock: Nearly zero.

On the Next Top 41?  No


#24 - INF Josh Satin

What I Thought: He was going to be a big league utility guy.

Reality: Satin picked up one big league plate appearance, was designated for assignment, cleared waivers and then served as a everyday guy in AAA, rotating between first base (79 games), second (36) and third (9) over the course of 131 games.

Stock: Priced at only a penny

On the Next Top 41? Nope. He'll be 28 by Opening Day 2013. He'll play in AAA for a few more years but will never be a valuable big league roster piece.



2011 AA94338110352115791504.325.423.538
2011 AAA38145468011433001.317.381.393
2011 Minors1324831564321271124505.323.411.495
2011 MLB15255100111001.200.259.240
2012 AAA1314411262511477109603.286.391.442


#25 - 3B Jefry Marte

What I Thought: Marte's walk and strikeout rates showed improvement in an otherwise quiet 2011 in St. Lucie. Concerns about his defense and eventual ceiling kept him down the list.

Reality: More of the same, but just a little bit better all the way across the board at a higher level in the season in which he turned 21. His strikeout rate ticked down, his walk rate and extra-base hit rates ticked up, and his isolated slugging all rose. His 16 errors were his fewest over a full season.

Stock: Quietly, up.

On the Next Top 41? Yes



2011 FSL13148312022274186607.248.313.346.659
2012 EL12946211620394376206.251.322.366.687

2011 FSL5.816.
2012 EL6.
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