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Later this morning, I'll start breaking down the Mets top prospects from #41 through number 1. The plan is to do two players a day for the next three weeks or so.

Why 41?  I was going to do 31 because that was one more than BA does for each team and because Mike Piazza, one of my all-time favorite Mets wore #31.  Then I realized the greatest Mets pitcher of all time - Tom Seaver, wore 41.  So in honor of The Franchise, we'll go 41 deep this year.  Maybe in a few years, we'll run 57 deep.

As always, I invite your comments.  Also, feel free to make suggestions re: formatting that I can adopt as the series progress through the rest of the month.

Eligibility notes:

To be eligible for this list a player must be qualify as a rookie in 2009. That means that Daniel Murphy, who exceeded the maximum AB threshold by one in 2008, and Nick Evans and Darren O’Day, who spent too much time on big league rosters, are all not eligible.

I add one final twist. A player must have played professional baseball in 2008. It is too hard to evaluate a player like 3B Aderlin Rodriguez, the Mets major international from 2008, without any kind of track record at all, or the eyes and reports from US based scouts.

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