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Baseball America has Trackman data up from the Arizona Fall League. It's like pitch fx on steroids. There's some fun stuff in here.

A few Mets farmhands appeared on leaderboards.

Small sample size warnings abound.

Fastball VelocityJeurys Familia - #8 (96 mph).

Topped out at 98.2. Man, what he could do with a little bit of command.

Fastball Spin RateHansel Robles - #12 (2,465 avg RPM).

More spin means less sink or a straighter fastball with more "rise" and thus, in theory, strikeouts and flyouts. Per pitch fx, Robles sat at 90.66 mph. Pitching up in the zone with such a heater seems like a dangerous versus Major League hitters. There were few swings and misses. Batters swung and missed at two of Robles' 59 fastballs in the AFL, a whif rate of 3.39%.

Slider Spin RateChasen Bradford - #11 (2,683 rpm)

MLB average, per BA is "around 2,400 rpms." So, translated, Bradford's slider has an above average MLB spin rate and velocity at 85 mph. Bradford throws his slider a lot. By pitchfx tracking, he used the pitch 43% of the time in the AFL. Among all MLB relievers who threw 30 or more innings last year, only 10 guys threw sliders that much. Bradford had a 33% whiff rate (6/18) on his slider in the AFL, which is pretty good. If Bradford makes it, he would do so largely as a slider specialist. And for a short reliever, that's not a bad thing. In fact, the Rays built their bullpens on one-pitch wonders.

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