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Mets C Travis d'Arnaud is hitting just .190 with three extra base hits and four RBI this season.

He hit just .202 in 32 games last season.

“I haven't liked him so far," a scout recently said about d'Arnaud (Baseball Prospectus, Apr. 25). "He hasn't looked good defensively, including allowing a bunch of passed balls. I've seen him miss some fastballs, almost like he has a blind spot. It's slider bat speed and he just doesn't look very strong.”

D'Arnaud has been frustrating because he seems to go through long stretches where he's hitting the ball well, making solid contact, but the results just aren't there. The only positive takeaways right now are his above average walk rate and his below average strikeout rate, but those will only take him so far. ... I still expect d'Arnaud to be an above-average catcher, but I do wish he weren't taking the scenic route to that destination.

It’s frustrating because he’s been dubbed as the top catching prospect in baseball, yet he simply hasn’t produced in his first 150 or so at-bats. I wonder how much of a toll his injuries have taken on him, considering he missed most of 2012-2013 due to impact-type injuries. ... He’s told me on several occasions in the last couple of weeks he feels fine, is getting more comfortable at the plate, and he’s shown signs of coming around lately as well. Ultimately, it’s the results that count, and he’s a key to the future success of this franchise, so that comfort must begin to translate into consistency in short order.

3:05 pm: Here is d'Arnaud's OPS progression through each day this season (@AdamMets on Twitter):

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