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Wesley, reader of MetsBlog:

Can you explain on the blog why the Mets aren't spending the $27 million they're getting from MLB? If the payroll is the same as last year, where is that money? You should write about payroll more.

It's a fair question, Wes. I don't know the actual number, because most teams don't know their cut yet either...

MLB signed new TV deals with ESPN, TBS and FOX, which will give each team an additional $27 million next year, according to a variety of reports.

However, in the Denver Post, Troy E. Renck talked to Rockies owner Dick Monfort, who said he is planning to receive $8 million fewer, or $19 million, "believing a chunk will be kept for baseball's central fund to compensate for last season."

According to Renck, MLB will was going to hold back money this past year for the central fund, "but after owners complained, the money was not withheld," leaving Monfort to believe extra money will be withheld next year.

"We have been told (as owners), and I don't know if it is scare tactics or not, that (each team) will pay that back this year," Monfort said. "The way we are budgeting right now is that not only are we not getting that extra $4 million (like last season) but we will be paying back the $4 million from last year."

In the end, after paying down a past credit line from MLB, accounting for player raises and projected revenue loss, he's left with a roughly $4 million in "new money," instead of the $27 million being reported.

I don't know all the ins and outs of Monfort's finances and I have no idea what any of the above means to the Mets and the team's ownership group. I've heard the Mets cut of the MLB number is around the same level that Monfort is talking about, i.e., less than $20 million. However, I'm not sure what that means in regards to next year's payroll, or the one after that, considering the dollars can also be used for scouting, operations, paying down debt, etc.

I do know that Sandy Alderson is working with a significantly smaller budget than Omar Minaya. That much is quite obvious.

Read More: Rockies owner Dick Monfort provides detailed look at team's budget, financial structure (Denver Post)

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