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David Wright and Daniel Murphy were ejected, while in the dugout, in the seventh inning after arguing the size of the strike zone.

Travis d’Arnaud was called out looking at strike three in the seventh, which set off Murphy and Wright from the first-base dugout.

“Everybody who watched the game knows, I don’t think I have to say anything else about it,” Murphy said (NY Post, Apr. 13).

“I’m not going to get into more trouble than I already am," added Wright. "When something happens to one of us, it happens to all of us."

The Mets struck out 11 times during the game, three of which were on called third strikes, including Wright and Murphy.

This infuriates me. But, I'll get to that in a second... The good news here is Wright and Murphy jumping in for d'Arnaud, who, as a young catcher, doesn't need to get a reputation for second-guessing umpires. In looking back, Wright and Murphy - among others - were already worked up. Travis struck out, starting muttering under his breath - I'm sure they were choice comments for the umpire, who had been squeezing the Mets, but not d'Arnaud's pitchers, all day - at which point Murphy and Wright apparently got loud.

I say, 'apparently,' because I couldn't hear them. I was watching on TV, but I'm sure most fans at the ballpark also couldn't hear their initial argument. Yet, the people who paid to watch the game ended up seeing two players from the opposing team get tossed. There were Mets fans at that game who probably paid to watch Wright, paid to watch Murphy, paid to watch big-league talent. Yet, because the ump's fragile ego was hurt, these men were ejected. No one pays to see umpires pat themselves on the back. I'm fine if they want to toss a player for crossing a line, pushing, shoving, spitting in their face, throwing a silly tantrum that embarrasses the game to people watching from the stands or at home. But, the only people impacted by whining from the dugout are the players, coaches and umpire. Deal with it, ump. Or, better yet, call a fair game...

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