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According to Paul Lukas from UniWatch, the Mets (and presumably all MLB teams) may have a designated hat next season to be work specifically in the lockerroom during post-game interviews.

What. The Hell. Is This About? Frankly, it's not at all surprising, I suppose, especially when given the level of marketing and promotions within Major League Baseball already. I just hope this is handled in a subtle way, and not some overt wrecking of team colors and logos in favor of ads or league promotions. We know from past drama that all-things-Hats is a league issue, not a team issue, so there is no way this is exclusive to the Mets... like Paul suggests, is most likely a league-wide thing...

Thanks for the heads up on this hat post Mets Police, which also features a post today on an alternate 2013 All-Star Game logo.

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