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I followed the beat writers over to Field 6 this morning to listen as they spoke with Mike Piazza, who is coaching with Team Italy, who is in Tradition Field to take on the Mets B-squad team.

The minute he started talking I had a huge smile on my face, unable to not think of the late 90s.  I loved that team.

Also, he was drinking a tall Starbucks coffee, with wrap-around sunglasses, and still sporting the ‘duck tail, bushy hair. 

To me, he will be always be the definition of dorky-cool.

Piazza said he is using this experience to get his feet wet, and re-connect with the game of baseball, without the pressure of being a player, to see if he’d be interested in returning as coach at some point in his future.

Asked if he could one day return to the game as a coach, Piazza said, “I’m not gonna rule anything out.  I think this is a good first step, without a huge commitment.”

He fielded a few more questions and talked about Italy, his heritage, coaching and his family – then said, ‘Alright, guys, I’m gonna go watch batting practice,’ and wisely walked away before any one had the chance to ask him about other more topical subjects in the news.

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