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Earlier today, the Sand Gnats announced that former minor league slugger, and fan favorite Valentino Pascucci, who briefly played for the Mets, would take over as the team's hitting coach in a-ball in 2014.

I asserted, that "Perhaps his finest moment, as far as this site is concerned, was his victory in front of his home fans in Buffalo in the 2012 AAA Home Run Derby." (Emphasis added now.) Astute readers, and fans of Valentino Pascucci and the Mets have suggested that his greatest Mets moment was a different home run.

AAA HR Derby 

[milbvideo id="22976959" width="400" height="224" /]  

Things to like about this clip: Pascucci hit the ball a mile. He won something. The broadcasters go nuts. The crowd went nuts.


First Mets Jack

[mlbvideo id="19577487" width="400" height="254" /]

Things to like about this clip: Pascucci hit the ball very far, but less than a mile. He tied a game R.A. Dickey started. It's a big league homerun, his first in seven years. Gary Cohen had the call.  He made Cole Hamels look angry, very angry.


The VerdictI still maintain that Pascucci's AAA Home Run Derby win was his greatest "Mets Minor League Accomplishment" as a player. Of course, the Mets' Minor League system is the primary subject of this website.

However, his Cole Hamels homer, his only dinger as a Met, was his greatest Mets moment overall.

Does this mean I'm cheating and trying to have it both ways? No to former and yes to the latter. And really, when you watch long home runs, who cares?

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