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Here is Episode 2 of last night’s video diary for SNY, during which I talk with Kevin Burkhardt prior to him hosting Mets Hot Stove at Duffy’s, and after which I speak with Mets pitching coach Dan Warthen, the transcript of which you can below the video player:

Matthew Cerrone: What’s it like doing the interview with Burkhardt in front of all these fans, it must be kind of fun?

Dan Warthen: Ever since I came to New York, June 17 last year, it’s been fun.  This is the place to be, it really is.  This is actually my first time in this Duffy’s.  I’ve been in the other Duffy’s.  I’ve never been to this one.  I didn’t realize it was this packed.  So, I’ll be back again.

Matthew Cerrone: It seems like the big thing in camp this season with Jerry Manuel is his team-first message - as coaches, what do you guys do to help him reinforce this idea?

Dan Warthen: We follow his lead.  100 percent.  He gave one of the best talks this morning that I’ve heard in my 39 years of professional baseball.  As far as all of these people going to the WBC, the teams that they’re going to represent are running across the front of their uniform, which is their country… He asked they make the Mets are our own little country, and make sure we represent us as a country of our own and as a group we are our own citizens.  He’s made everyone step up and be accountable.

Matthew Cerrone: Before I let you guy, these look like Jerry’s glasses.  Is this something new for the coaching staff, or did you start this trend?

Dan Warthen: I had them first, then Jerry lost like his first 14 pair last year.  I was able to hold on to them, though they are super-glued together.

To watch Mike Pelfrey’s appearance on Mets Hot Stove, during which he talks about the overall feeling in camp; this year compared to last year; Warthen, who, he says, ‘works on a pitcher’s strengths and does not try to change things;’ the improved bullpen; his curve ball, and welcoming the pressure of knowing he’ll get the ball every fifth day; click here.

…pelfrey actually takes two passive shots at Rick Peterson in his talk with SNY… first, saying warthen is the best pitching coach a guy could ask for, and then saying he always wanted to throw his curve ball, ‘but it took a guy like Dan Warthen to let me do it.’… zing

To watch Burkhardt interview Warthen, who talks about bringing John Maine’s curve ball back; his expectations for Mike Pelfrey; the bullpen; and how his team will choose the fifth starter, a decision which considers history, talent, potential and money; click here.

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