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In late August, Matthew Cerrone hit Citi Field to talk with fans, as well as David Wright, to learn if people still have confidence in the direction of the Mets and if they still believe in Sandy Alderson's plan...

The day we shot this video, Citi Field was very quiet. It was a decent size crowd, but there was not a lot of enthusiasm. Instead, I saw lots of fans just holding a beer, staring at the field, sort of in a trance. As a result, I didn't encounter a lot of angry, overly emotional fans ranting and raving about payroll and immediate success. Instead, I got a lot of people talking about the long view (most of which didn't get on camera). I expected more vitriol, like I hear on WFAN. My hunch is that this was a result of that specific crowd on that specific night, where I got only a true read of those die-hard fans still going out to the ballpark - as opposed to people who may just call talk radio to complain. In either case, it was nice to hear people being mostly pragmatic, despite wanting to see things get better sooner than later.

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