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There's good stuff from Walters, who credits his off-season training regime for his good 2013, B-Mets Pitching Coach Glen Abbott and manager Pedro Lopez in there.

Walters was very good for the B-Mets in 2013, setting a franchise record with 38 saves. Look deeper though. The 25-year-old's success this year was a pleasant surprise.

His crude chronology:

2011 - Ordinary starter for Brooklyn

2012 - Dominant first half for Savannah, as a 24-year-old reliever, old for the SAL

2012 - ordinary second half as a reliever for St. Lucie where he was still old for the FSL

2013 - Excellent 2013 for AA Binghamton, where he was old for the EL

His more detailed (numerical) chronology

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2011 NYP;3.32;14/14;65;62;29;24;3;24;48;4;5;

2012 SAL;0.95;17/0;28.33;20;7;3;0;4;30;1;3;

2012 FSL;3.76;19/0;26.33;27;13;11;1;8;19;2;3;

2012 Total;2.31;36/0;54.66;47;20;14;1;12;49;3;6;

2013 EL;2.09;53/0;56;46;13;13;2;16;60;1;3;

EL LEAGUE AVG;4.00;;14768.33;14340;7533;6569;1249;5787;12812;730;930;


[sny-table rowheader=true columnheader=true]


2011 NYP;3.3;6.6;2.0;0.4;8.6;4.0;8.7;17.3;1.1;277;

2012 SAL;1.3;9.5;7.5;0.0;6.4;2.2;3.6;27.0;0.0;111;

2012 FSL;2.7;6.5;2.4;0.3;9.2;4.4;7.0;16.5;0.9;115;

2012 Total;2.0;8.1;4.1;0.2;7.7;3.3;5.3;21.7;0.4;226;

2013 EL;2.6;9.6;3.8;0.3;7.4;2.1;7.1;26.7;0.9;225;

EL LEAGUE AVG;3.5;7.8;2.2;0.8;8.7;4.6;9.1;20.1;2.0;63718;


Anyone who predicted Walter's slightly improved fastball, or dramtically improved results moving from the Florida State League to the Eastern League should just hop up and take a bow.

Walters is a fastball/slider guy who was mostly 92-93 in Savannah a few years ago. This year, he was 92-94, touching 95 and 96. That matters. He’s up to a comfortably plus fastball.

HIs slider at 82-86 can be a big league pitch.

I strongly suspect the Mets will add him to the 40-man roster this fall to protect him from the Rule 5 draft. From there, he will start 2014 in AAA, and as long as he's pitching well, find his way to the big leagues by the heat of summer.

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