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"If you think we’re just a piece away, then you are fooling yourself," RA Dickey told the New York Post last night. "We’ve got to do a lot of things better."

He's right. It's literally that simple, which is why I struggle to put Terry Collins fully in the cross hairs.

On the other hand, in an e-mail to me earlier today, Michael E said:

"When the manager intimates at post game press conference that he thinks his team has quit on him, unless he has a masterful resume it is time for him to go whether it's his fault or not. I wasn't a big fan of his signing and I was pleasantly impressed by his fire and rapport with  players, but he isn't a very good game manager and I despise the culture of losing engulfing this team."
I don't think he should be fired... at least not right now. However, I also don't think he should get a contract extension, especially after this second half. Instead, I put the bulk of the blame on Sandy Alderson and the players, but Terry doesn't get off scott free. He should be allowed to manage again next year. However, to extend his contract, to me, sends a terrible message about what is acceptable... not just to the players, but to us as fans and customers expected to buy in to this plan.

Also, in regards to this idea that 'he lost the team,' I don't think we can actually know that until next Spring... and maybe not even until the first month or two of the season. If he's all aggressive and motivational (in his typical Terry way) and players aren't responding and still look 'uninspired,' as Bob Ojeda characterized it, then we'll know the answer. However, if Alderson makes smart, successful changes in the off season and can breath some life in to the roster, change some faces and keep players who still believe in Collins (who many people talked about as a Manager of the Year candidate just a few moths ago) then none of this will matter.

But, again, I still think he shouldn't be guaranteed anything beyond next season... not right now. At the very least, should the team get off to a good start, give him an extension in May or something. To do that right now, though, would be an insult to everyone involved, especially after he resided over one the worst second halves in baseball history.

In short, I say give him one more chance to lead what will hopefully be a better roster. If they get off to a good start, consider giving him a one-year contract extension (to bolster his authority). However, if the team looks uninspired, again, and the roster is in shambles, again, it will be time to make a move...

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