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-Mike Sielski in the Wall Street Journal wrote about Brandon Nimmo and the database he's now keeping about his at-bats.

- Patrick Flood does a hilarious bit guessing at the individual Mets' players and then team UZR comparing his eyes to the numbers.

Gee FollowupDavid Lennon: "Source said no aneurysm for Gee; docs now determining extent of damage, if any, from clot. #mets"- At ESPNNY, Adam Rubin talked to a vascular expert.

- Terry Collins told the Post, "I’m really nervous for [Gee]." The Post also raises the possibility that Gee has Thoracic Outlet syndrome, similar to Chris Carpenter.

- I wrote about the history of baseball players with blood clots. It's not an encouraging read for Dillon Gee's 2012 season.


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