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David Wright will meet this week with Dr. Robert Watkins in California to seek treatment for spinal stenosis, which is the narrowing of the spinal column, Sandy Alderson said Monday.

"We hope that with this week of rest that he will be able to resume his progression," Alderson added. "This has been a stop-start proposition for us from the beginning."

Wright hasn't played in game since injuring his right hamstring on April 14. His hamstring healed, but his rehab was put on hold in early May after he experienced back pain. He resumed baseball activities on May 18, but was again shut down this past weekend after pain resurfaced in his lower back.

Matthew Cerrone: In talking to people close to the team, the situation and in baseball, I believe we'll see Wright on field again sooner than later. They all say he's young enough that this issue can be managed, as Alderson suggested, either with injections, rest and/or intense, consistent therapy, which he'll probably start this week in California.

Basically, the issue causes extreme pain and numbness that radiates from the lower back. For now, he can expect mostly good days and some bad days, mostly controlled by medication and therapy. In time, though, as his career moves on, the pain and numbness may become too frequent and too intense to play through. But, for right now, at his age, they should be able to deal with it at least through the next few seasons. It's also worth noting that, while surgery is probably always a possibility, because of his age and the lengthy recovery, it's not really necessary yet; and when it is, he'll probably be considering retirement anyway.

In other words, this isn't the last we're going to hear of it and I have a feeling we're all about to become experts in spinal stenosis...

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