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Curtis Granderson is hitting .171 with a .246 slugging percentage since the All-Star break.

He's on pace to finish the season batting below .220 with just under 20 home runs.

His projected 1.5 WAR will be the lowest of his career in a season playing at least 100 games.

"The guy has been invisible," a Mets person recently told John Harper (Daily News, Aug. 28). "Remember, he was supposed to be our cleanup hitter.”

Matthew Cerrone: Granderson hasn't hit for a high average since his days in Detroit, so I had very low expectations that he'd return to, say, .280. But, .217 just isn't good enough. In terms of his power, I wrote last January that I expected around 25 home runs. In fact, I kept saying that something on par with his first year in the Bronx, i.e., .260, 25 HR, 20 doubles and 3.5 WAR, would have been fine, especially in his first season at Citi Field.

He was hitting well this mid-June to mid-July, after being moved to the leadoff spot, and it looked like 25 would be possible. But, man, what happened? He's been downright brutal the last two weeks, essentially crushing any hope of a good first year.

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