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As of today, the Mets are still interested in signing free-agent OF Michael Bourn. Still, my sense from talking to people is that Sandy Alderson and Boras already have a rough idea for what could get a deal done, which includes opt-outs, options, etc. However, Boras is almost certainly working to reel in another team, most likely the Mariners, maybe the Yankees, maybe the Rangers.

In either case, Alderson refuses to sign Bourn if he's required to give up a first-round draft pick as compensation, which is how the rule currently stands. The way I understand it, the Mets think MLB will wave that rule, and instead force them to give up a second-round pick, if Alderson ever makes a formal request. However, MLB will not make an official ruling until Bourn, Boras and Alderson have an actual deal agreed to in principal. This makes sense, because I'm sure MLB and the MLBPA do not want to weigh in on the situation (and set a precedent) if Bourn is going to sign some place else.

So, where do things stand? I think MLB is waiting on Alderson, who is waiting on Boras, who is probably waiting on other teams who had interest in Bourn... and you and I are waiting on all of them.

Feb. 3: The Mets are still determining whether or not to sign Bourn (Cafardo, Boston Globe).

Feb. 1: Peter Gammons said he feels MLB will protect the Mets first-round draft if they sign Bourn, who would then likely sign with the Mets (MLB Network).

Jan. 29: Alderson recently met with Bourn and Boras last week in Houston, however the Mets do not want to offer Bourn more than a three-year deal (Sherman, NY Post).

Jan. 28: Bourn is still seeking a five-year deal (Puma, NY Post).

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Jan. 27: Sandy Alderson said on MLB Network Radio he would like some sense of how the league will rule on the pick before signing a free agent who is subject to draft compensation, such as Bourn.

Jan. 20: The Mets will consider signing Bourn if he reduces his asking price and length of commitment (Cafardo, Boston Globe).

Stats: In 155 games with the Braves last year, Bourn hit .274 with a .348 OBP and .739 OPS, nine home runs and 57 RBI with 42 stolen bases in 55 attempts.

Contract: Bourn earned $6.8 million to avoid arbitration with the Braves last season.[/sny-accordion]

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