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We're only a few short hours away from the beginning of the MLB draft and there are still more mock drafts and projections coming out.

Update: 6:30 pm. There were two more mock drafts that came out after 5 pm, when this piece was first published. - RHP Tyler Beede, RHP (Vanderbilt)

Kiley McDaniel's comment:

The Mets would love a shot at Conforto, Schwarber or Turner, with Turner believed to be their top preference. None of them get here in this scenario and two late rumors had the Mets on Tyler Beede and dark horse Forrest Wall for under slot. They've also been tied to Newcomb for the last few weeks. Sounds like it will be a college guy here.
I think Kiley's being a little too cute here as he has the Mets selecting Beede over Newcomb (who would go #14 in his scenario). But sure, it's possible.

Baseball America - LHP Sean Newcomb (Hartford)No comments from JohnManuel in his latest update. - Sean Newcomb, LHP (Hartford)

Both Jim Callis and Jon Mayo have the Mets selecting the local-ish LHP in their latest mocks. Both analysts have Michael Conforto and Trea Turner off the board before the Mets' pick. Callis thinks the Cubs will jump on Conforto at No. 4, while Mayo has them bypassing Conforto for C Kyle Schwarber and Conforto landing with the Rockies at #9. Both guys think the Jays will pick Turner at No. 9.

Callis' comment:

New York is tied to collegians after using its last three first-rounders on high school position players. The Mets would prefer a pitcher, giving Newcomb the edge over Conforto and Turner. If all three are gone, they could go for Freeland. Another option could be fast-rising Orangewood Christian High (Maitland, Fla.) second baseman Forrest Wall, who offers the best combination of hitting and speed.
Mayo's comment:

If Turner gets past Toronto, he likely will come off the board here. The Mets have liked Newcomb all spring, favoring him over college arms like Texas Christian's Brandon Finnegan or Evansville's Kyle Freeland.

Keith Law -  Conforto

From Keith Law's afternoon chat at

Chris (Larchmont): Any shot Conforto falls to Mets? Feel like that's what they're hoping for.

Klaw (1:09 PM): Yes, I think it is what they're hoping for, and if the Cubs don't take him there's a very good chance he gets there.

He splashed cold water on the scenario floated by Baseball America's John Manuel that the Mets were interested in a HS 2B - Forrest Wall.

Sully (MA): Any truth to the Forrest Wall to the Mets at 10?

Klaw (1:10 PM): No.

In a later answer, he elaborated on Wall:

"I don't understand the love for Wall - he can hit and run but has had a lot of shoulder issues and as a result he's had trouble throwing. If he can't stay at 2b, you have nothing."Law also called the Wall-Mets hookup at 10 the "strangest draft rumor" of the year.

Tom (NY): Would the Mets rather a position player like Turner or Conforto fall to them or a pitcher like Newcombe?

Klaw (1:18 PM): Hitter.

Further Draft Reading- At, Jeff Passan got his hand on the ludicrous memo MLB sent to teams and agents about the proper way to negotiate. Passan suggests eliminating the draft. I could support that. As a less radical step, removing all limits on bonuses, and permitting teams to trade picks would be very helpful in making the process better for the players and the teams who could choose to invest (or not) in their own futures.

- At Amazin' Avenue, Chris McShane and Jeff Paternostro teamed up to review the last few Mets drafts.

- At Grantland, Michael Baumann argues that the Cubs are the first real key domino at #4 and runs through more draft basics.

- In the New York Post, Zach Braziller talks to MLB analyst and former MLB GM John Hart about the Mets options at #10.

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