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Andy H, reader of MetsBlog:

I am amazed that no one has reported about the possibility of bringing back Jose Reyes. With all the pitching the Mets are suddenly blessed with, their only real needs for next year are at SS and OF. ... I don't think Jose's four remaining years and $64 million is that big of a deal.  We're never again spending crazy money on a pitcher like Johan Santana (and thankfully, we don't NEED to now); and if it's a hitter (and SS) we need - not to mention a new buzz at Citi Field - why not bring back the most popular player since Darryl Strawberry, during the prime of his career?

I really think if the Mets wanted Jose, they would have retained him when his contract expired the first time.

At this point, I would not be comfortable with the Mets taking on his contract and dealing talent to get him back, considering they could have had him simply for dollars when he became a free agent two years ago. He also does not have a team-friendly contract going forward -- he is going to be seeing a significant bump in salary next year, followed by another jump starting in his age-32 season for the duration of the deal. That's not to say I wouldn't like for the Mets to have him -- he is fantastic and fun to watch, and was part of the team's fabric for nearly a decade. I was really saddened by his departure, but it seems his time has passed with the Mets, and they're going to have to figure out where to find another steady shortstop for their future.

I agree with Mike, 100 percent. Aside from the money, it seemed like Sandy Alderson had concerns about Jose's style of play, how much he relied on his legs and his undisciplined approach to hitting. If I were GM, I'm not sure I would have these concerns, but it's Alderson's team, and if we're talking about whether Reyes will be reacquired it's important to acknowledge reality. This, plus the money, and Alderson's hesitation when it comes to giving tens of millions each season to guys in their 30s, it just doesn't seem like something that can or will happen... despite how much it might make sense from a PR/ticket sales/buzz point of view.

Frankly, I think there is a significantly better chance ends up on the Yankees before he returns to the Mets, because that move (with his contract) always seemed to be inevitable, especially with Derek Jeter breaking down. However, thankfully, now that Jose's in Toronto, it's hard to imagine the Blue Jays sending him to the Bronx.

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