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Terry Collins said people in camp are saying Wilmer Flores is reminiscent of Edgardo Alfonzo.

"That is a big statement," said Collins. "If that’s what Flores is going to be, obviously you have to find a position for him to play.”

Flores again took ground balls at second base and shortstop today...

I think the guys comparing Wilmer to Fonzie are mostly comparing their approach at the plate and ability to drive in runs. Flores did do a nice job at times last year in RBI situations. But, obviously, he's far from Fonzie in the field, which is the major obstacle for him.

Again, he looks more confident and comfortable on the infield. My gut feeling, seeing him work out here, the people in his group, how coaches are talking, etc., I expect he'll start Triple-A playing second and shortstop. And, sooner than later, depending on injuries on the big league team, it wouldn't surprise me to see him staring up in the middle in Citi Field. Last year at this time, I never thought this could be the case...

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