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"David Wright deal could get done with one more conversation, but my guess - just a guess, not sourced - is that his camp will wait a few days," Mets reporter Andy Martino of the Daily News said today on Twitter.

It does feel like this is inevitable, though I bet Wright's agents make the Mets sweat a bit first. I was worried there for a minute, late Tuesday night. Wright's comments to MLB Trade Rumors spooked me, no question. However, be it Mike Francesa's comments on air yesterday, or Martino's tweet, or just things I've heard from people around the team and MLB today, it certainly feels like a deal will eventually get done. I also think far more has been made of concerns over deferred money, present-day value, etc. No one I know in baseball feels this would be an issue, unless of course the player just doesn't want to re-sign...

Also, I agree with Andy. I don't expect an official announcement next week at the Winter Meetings. However, it wouldn't surprise me to see speculative reports about an agreement between these two sides. In terms of a press conference, official press release, etc., my guess is that waits until later when everyone can be at Citi Field.

In either case, I hear Sandy Alderson has the clarity he was seeking, he knows where things basically stand with Wright, and he's moving forward on finding additional ways to improve the team...

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