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One thing is for sure - the game is neither played at the Winter Meetings nor on paper, and even though the Phillies look stacked heading into the season, a lot can happen between now and October.

I do believe no matter what, the cultural changes will have a positive influence on the organization from top to bottom which I think will influence their brand and style of play on the field. There is A LOT of intelligence in this organization and I have no reason not to trust Sandy Alderson, his group, and the direction they're taking the organization. It certainly couldn't be more excruciating than the last four years.

No matter how many games they win in 2011, I think the team will be more enjoyable and entertaining to watch on a daily basis, and it will be the beginning of a more exciting and positive trend in the franchise's history.

By the way, Wright also said he will head to Port St. Lucie next week.

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