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David Wright will representative the Mets on Team USA during this year's World Baseball Classic, which begins play on March 8 in Phoenix.

This will be Wright’s second appearance in the WBC, during which he'll be reunited with R.A. Dickey , who will be representing the Blue Jays.

The Mets play their first Grapefruit League game on Feb. 23 against the Nationals in St. Lucie. The Mets will hold their first full-squad workout on Monday, Feb. 18.

The Mets may have other players go play for other teams, but those final rosters have not yet been announced.

When the games are on TV, and it's happening, I enjoy watching the WBC games. It's fun. I don't deny that. But, I don't like that it basically interrupts Spring Training. It also stinks for fans who plan trips to Spring Training and likely miss their favorite players in camp, signing autographs, etc.

I realize there is no ideal time to hold this tournament, especially if MLB players are going to participate. So, I understand why this happens when it happens. But, it bugs me that every team's best players are removed from camp. I've talked to too many current and former players to know the real benefit to Major League spring training is not the drills and exercise, but the team building and the camaraderie. This is the time teammates are actually established, they say. Frankly, this sonds a little silly to me, considering how many teams start slow and catch fire later in the season and go on to make the playoffs. But, it's what people say, and who am I to argue their perception. So, if this is how players look at it, reality or not, I hate to think this team's Captain will be missing for a couple of weeks.

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