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David Wright hit a two-run home run in the first inning yesterday.

He is now three hits away from tying Ed Kranepool for the franchise record (1418).

His home run Sunday was Wright's first hit in his previous 14 at bats.

Wright hit .351 in games before the All-Star Game, .247 after to drop his season average to .304.

Here are Wright's situational stats through today:

Here's the thing about 'being clutch,' as people like to say: Why is Wright's home run in the first inning yesterday any more or less important than one hit at the end of the game (when the score is tied, for instance)? He hits a two-run, first-inning home run to set the tone for much of the game, gets his team out to a quick start (something that never seems to happen any more). And yet, because he was hitless in at bats when the game was later tied, he'll be ripped for not 'hitting in the clutch,' even though the team would never have been in that later situation if not for his home run earlier in the game. I don't get it...

For the most part, he's hit well and consistent with runners on base this season, be it with two outs, no outs, late, early,  game close, not close, whatever... But, I guess that's the danger of baseball: in a game where success is failing 70% of the time, it's understandable that people will only remember the 70%, especially if you're 'the franchise player.'

Instead, as I said last week, I'm more concerned about his second-half swoon. His strikeouts are more or less back to where they were the previous few seasons and his power has totally vanished – aside from yesterday. I acknowledge that he was hitting way over anyone’s head in April and May. However, the concern is not that he regressed from his hot start, which was to be expected, but just how much he regressed. His advanced stats from the last three months are almost identical to his 2011 numbers.  But, as I've been saying, he should still be signed to a contract extension. So, I wonder how this will play in to negotiations.

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